Gulf Stream Search uses PXT Select to help companies improve their Food Safety culture

Learn how Gulf Stream Search helps food and beverage companies transform their food safety culture.

Gulf Stream Search & Food Safety Recruiting

Bob Pudlock, the head of Gulf Stream Search’s Food Safety practice, turned to PXT Select and Gulf Stream Growth to help his customers make better hiring decisions when it came to their Food Safety & Quality Assurance recruitment process.

Gulf Stream Search is an executive search firm that works with consumer packaged goods companies to help them identify and capture top talent for their teams.

Companies in the food and beverage industry have been challenged to create more effective training programs to help companies combat food and ingredient contamination across their supply chain.

Bob set out to show companies how they could identify the appropriate thinking style, behavioral traits and interests that would sharply reduce training costs AND increase compliance and motivation to improve the company’s Food Safety Culture.

Gulf Stream Search Case Study - Gulf Stream Growth - PXT Select

According to Bob, Food Safety has been a steady contributor to sickness and death statistics for children and other vulnerable populations for years, with no significant change in numbers.

420,000 deaths annually, of those over 125,000 children.

110 billion dollars lost annually to lost production and output due to food-related sickness and hospitalization.

Companies in the US, where over 3,000 die annually, have struggled for decades to invest and improve their food safety culture and programs.

Millions are spent in training, signage, process improvement and yet still, companies are still challenged at the people level when it comes to worker behaviors.

Bob identified several gaps in how companies approach transforming worker behavior that aligns with proper food safety protocols.

  1. Some companies don’t tie their food safety programs to Cost of Quality, missing an opportunity to quantify worker behavior in a monetary way.
  2. Many companies do not align their hiring process to the company’s stated goal of transforming their food safety culture.
  3. Companies don’t integrate their food safety culture objectives into the hiring and recruitment process.  By not doing so, companies miss a massive opportunity to reduce the amount of behavior modification necessary for each employee.  Companies invariably invest in people that can’t or won’t employ behaviors necessary for a strong food safety culture – this is wasted money.

Using the PXT Select tools, Bob and his team have developed a vast library of performance profiles for roles specific to the food and beverage industry.

Bob’s team, along with food industry executives, a research team at PXT Select and countless food safety & quality professionals, has developed a playbook for food and beverage companies to follow when hiring food safety & quality assurance professionals.

In addition to the PXT Select tools, Bob has developed an interview process that helps companies accurately assess a candidate’s outlook and attitude towards food safety compliance, regulations and public health issues(Covid 19).

This additional insight helps employers identify potential resistance or toxic attitudes across their entire company that could curtail a company from achieving their Cost of Quality and Food Safety Culture objectives.

The Definitive Guide to PXT Select Pre Employment Assessment Tests

PXT Select hiring assessments are highly effective pre employment assessment tests. 

When partnered with a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner, companies drastically improve their hiring and selection process.

The team here at Gulf Stream Growth created The Definitive Guide to PXT Select™ Pre Employment Assessment Tests to answer the most commonly asked questions(FAQ) about pre employment assessment tests, hiring assessments and the hiring and selection process.

In the guide, we answer the most commonly asked questions about PXT Select™, the PXT Select test and how we help companies use the assessment results to optimize their hiring, selection, onboarding and professional development.