Learn how gulf stream search how the company helped a food manufacturer hire food safety manager with pxt select

Learn how Gulf Stream Search helped a food manufacturer rescue their relationship with their biggest partner.

Gulf Stream Search & Food Safety Recruiting

Bob Pudlock, the head of Gulf Stream Search’s Food Safety practice, turned to PXT Select and Gulf Stream Growth to help his customers make better hiring decisions when it came to their Food Safety & Quality Assurance recruitment process.

Food & beverage manufacturers work in a highly regulated environment that requires a strong food safety culture – that means everyone must be aware, detail-oriented and disciplined to practice the appropriate work behaviors.

Bob set out to show companies how they could identify a candidate’s thinking style, behavioral traits and interests BEFORE they were hired, which reduces training spend and increases compliance across the company.

Gulf Stream Search Case Study - Gulf Stream Growth - PXT Select

A SMALL MANUFACTURER of food products for restaurants just received the results of an extensive audit from their distribution partner.  

And it didn’t go well….

The audit exposed significant problems the manufacturer would have to address in a short time in order to comply with their distribution partner agreement.

And no one on staff had the aptitude, time or wherewithal to sort through the audit findings and create a plan moving forward, so they decided to hire a Food Safety & Quality Manager to help them.

By hiring a Food Safety Manager, they could shore up their audit results as well as have a point person to manage their own suppliers, put documentation systems in place(Quality Management Systems) and be an additional point person to handle issues with their distribution partner.

The food manufacturer was dependent on the distribution agreement they had with their partner.

The distribution partner gave the manufacturer massive exposure and a big spike in sales.

However, it was their primary sales channel for the foreseeable future and the executive team was already stretched thin due to an increased volume in sales, Covid-19 challenges and normal growing pains.

The entire growth curve they were on was dependent on shoring up the gaps in their supplier audit, but no one on the team had a Food Safety or Quality background, and they knew they’d have to hire someone in from the outside.

We amended the company’s existing job description and created a customized Performance Profile that tied qualifications to the new hire’s desired performance.

We helped the company pre-screen candidates for fit from the job postings they ran.

The company blended our customized PXT Select assessment tests into their interview process and moved 3 candidates to the final interview with the CEO, COO, HR and the Plant Manager via Zoom.

We conducted an interview debrief with the 3 candidates and helped the HR Director and COO craft an offer that was amenable for their top candidate, who accepted their offer and started in mid-July.

Here was the company spend – the company was able to avoid large recruitment fees because they identified several candidates on their own and used the search firm and assessments to help them vet the final candidates.

Candidate screening of 5 job applicants$150
3 customized pre-hire employment tests$885
Interview debriefs with 3 candidates$90
Negotiation and offer facilitation with 1 candidate$90
  • Gulf Stream Search was able to free up the time of the executive team by completing the pre-hire screening for them.  

The manufacturer spent $150 to determine who best to assess against the pre-employment assessments.  

The executive team was able to stay focused on their higher level responsibilities with Gulf Stream Search keeping the selection process moving forward.

  • 3 candidates were assessed against the Performance Profile that were created specifically for the company.  

The assessment tools identified where each candidate stood in regards to the company’s desired behavioral traits, thinking style and work interests.

These are not always immediately evident and in this case, are critical to predicting whether or not a candidate will be successful in the role this company desperately needs the right person for.

The company spent $885 dollars to reduce their candidate pool from 5 to 3 and received a strategic, customized interview plan for each of the 3 candidates that allowed them to gain additional insights during the interview process.

  • The hiring team were uncertain whether they wanted to proceed with one of the candidates who had the closest relatable work experience; in the interview debrief we conducted, we were able to uncover the candidate did not want to go through another “overhaul” of a company’s food safety program.  

The candidate shared with us they “weren’t comfortable sharing this with the company when they interviewed”.  

This alone kept the company from a potential mis-hire.

The company spent $45 dollars and learned their top candidate had no real interest in helping them overhaul their food safety program, a fact they were unable to uncover during the interview because the candidate kept it hidden until we found out in the interview debrief.

Gulf Stream Search’s recruiter was able to facilitate an equitable offer the company was happy with that included a sign-on bonus for the candidate they chose, which allowed the candidate to relocate.  Hiring a Food Safety Manager proved to work out well for the manufacturer – the new employee immediately set to work on addressing the issues from the audit and allowed the rest of the executive team to stay on track with their own initiatives.

The Definitive Guide to PXT Select Pre Employment Assessment Tests

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When partnered with a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner, companies drastically improve their hiring and selection process.

The team here at Gulf Stream Growth created The Definitive Guide to PXT Select™ Pre Employment Assessment Tests to answer the most commonly asked questions(FAQ) about pre employment assessment tests, hiring assessments and the hiring and selection process.

In the guide, we answer the most commonly asked questions about PXT Select™, the PXT Select test and how we help companies use the assessment results to optimize their hiring, selection, onboarding and professional development.

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