Leadership Development & Coaching for R&D and Innovation Professionals

Gulf Stream Growth's Leadership Development Program for R&D leaders

R&D professionals spend so much time focused on projects, managing your team, and communicating upward and outward to your stakeholders ? it leaves little time for self-reflection.

Another challenge is your work product – most of it is done quietly behind the scenes – few people really understand what takes so long to create great products.? The limelight within companies is usually ceded to the Brand Managers and Sales teams for great product launches.

That’s well and good for most R&D leaders – however, projecting humility and deference to others has its downside.

You can’t stand still and stay stagnant with your non-technical leadership skills.

You have to be assertive about your vision – you have to gain alignment for your initiatives and fight for them – you have to be forceful and hold people accountable for executing your plans.

Your launch cycles are long and capital is invested early – that alone requires nimble communication, continual reinforcement of the future state and a lot of scrambling and leadership behind the scenes.

It doesn’t come naturally for most.

That’s why self-reflection and personal development are crucial to maintaining your career development and ascension.

When you don?t take time to reflect on your behavior, you stay in place.

And when you do that, you run the risk of getting tuned out by your team and your stakeholders.

We have a range of tools and coaching programs for aspiring and developed leaders – we pair our one-on-one coaching with diagnostic tools to illuminate opportunities and the leadership traits you have inside of you already.

Beyond just a diagnosis, we give you solutions to help you become a more effective leader – because we’ve spent so many years working within the food & beverage space, we’re that much more empathetic to the nuances and challenges you face.

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Custom coaching for R&D & Innovation leaders

Gulf Stream Growth?s Leadership Development program works with food & beverage industry professionals like yourself to develop a playbook that complements your unique, other-worldly talents.

The coaching program is designed as a personal, confidential one-on-one program focused on helping you achieve your potential.

We start with scoping out where you are currently – we identify in real-time what issues are keeping you from achieving your professional aspirations.

From there, we take a magnifying glass to your whole self, illuminating your different styles and interests.

You’ll discover how naturally inclined you are as a leader – we identify where you in the following areas:

How effective are you crafting & developing an Innovation culture for your company?
How successful are you gaining alignment from your team, your executive team and stakeholders on that vision?
How well you orchestrate the day-to-day execution of that culture.

Once the diagnosis is complete, we develop a plan to help you tweak each area of your leadership toolbox – taking what’s already inside of you and reinforcing it with practical, real-life application opportunities.

This isn’t a cookie cutter motivational training program administered by someone who doesn’t understand the ins and outs of the Food & Beverage industry.

We combine our industry expertise with leading edge coaching and development tools, then customize and craft an action plan for you to become not just a leader in the R&D realm, but truly a world-class business leader.

A message from Bob Pudlock

Rarely if ever do R&D leaders get the credit they deserve.

You toil behind the scenes – your greatest satisfaction is seeing your creations on store shelves.

It can be thankless work at times, too often so.

Our Leadership Development Program designed for R&D and Innovation leaders is an added tool for you to fend off the built-in challenges you face today and inevitably will face in the future.

Our program is customized for you – whether you’re facing a current challenge or positioning yourself for a better future, we’re here to help and prop you up along the way.

Let’s get to work!


FAQs - Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program is focused on getting clarity about yourself as a leader.

Our other programs take on the added focus of how you relate with others – although that may come up in the Leadership Development program, the focus here is on you the individual.

Within the Food & Beverage industry, specifically in the R&D realm, these are the type individuals we work with.

Managers & Leaders – with Supervisors / Managers as direct reports

Managers in R&D / Product Development / Innovation
Directors in R&D / Product Development / Innovation

Individuals ?in transition?

Aspiring to move from Management level to Director
Aspiring to move from Director-level to VP
Single site Managers to multi-site
Currently interviewing – recently laid off, unemployed etc.

Step 1 – Scope out your purpose – what is your why?

This is an initial consultation call(typically 45-60 minutes) where we brainstorm out where you?re currently at in your leadership journey?.and where you?d like to be.? It could be anything really – some examples are:

  • Shortfalls in your current situation ? ?I need to fix something now.?? It could be a person, it could be company, or it could be a project you?re working on that?s posing an obstacle of some sort.
  • Long-view aspirations ? ?I have a goal and I need to develop a plan to get there.?
  • General ?stuck-ness? ? ?not sure how to get out of the current rut, definitely not confident you can get where you want if you don?t change something.?

In Step 2, we invite you to complete a specific diagnostic tool, one of 10-12 diagnostic tools that we work with that are specifically designed to illuminate your current leadership and management tendencies.

You?ll only need to complete 1, which typically takes between 30-45 minutes to complete at your convenience.

Based on what our goal is(defined by you), we choose a diagnostic tool that will give you the most immediate and efficient feedback.

Once you?ve completed the assessment, we review the assessment and create a video walking you through your personal assessment.

We provide this to you in advance so you are not overwhelmed or unfamiliar to the terminology used and how the assessment fits together.

Step 3 – we go over the assessment together, live, answering any questions you have and working to develop a going-forward plan.

Step 4 – we create a meeting cadence, depending on your current situation(weekly, monthly, quarterly) to review progress toward your goal.? In the interim, we are available to discuss any roadblocks or questions you have applying your action plan.

The Leadership Development program is customized to suit your current situation.

New goals, new projects, new stretch goals, each with their own unique requirements.

The Leadership Development program evolves with you.

As a leader, you will come to discover that your team can gain value from similar coaching – we may work together on crafting your own individual plan, then migrate to hands-on work with your team, keeping you in the loop with status updates combined with our on-going one-on-one work.

What else do I receive?

You?ll receive a complimentary membership into our private Leadership Development group, which offers unique, curated content and developmental tools.

Should you wish to introduce others to the Leadership Development program or have us create a customized program for your team, we offer preferential pricing for legacy Leadership Development program members.

You?ll receive personalized reminders and reinforcement from us, specifically designed for you.

You?ll receive significantly reduced pricing for re-evaluation and re-testing against new stretch goals – in some cases, these ?re-tests? will be complimentary – in some cases, there will be a reduced processing charge to cover our material costs.

For R&D leaders, we’ve altered our pricing and payment terms.

We are offering food & beverage industry professionals special pricing and payment terms effective April 1st.

A one-time payment of $79 due at sign-up.

A monthly installment payment of $29 thereafter for 3 months.

All payments are payable via major credit card.

Your investment in the Leadership Development program will include:

A minimum of 3 hours of 1-1 phone coaching.

Complimentary membership into our private Leadership Development group, which offers unique, curated content and developmental tools.

You and your company will receive special pricing for Gulf Stream Growth?s custom in-house programs.

You?ll receive personalized reminders and reinforcement from us, specifically designed for you.

You?ll receive significantly reduced pricing for re-evaluation and re-testing against new stretch goals – in some cases, these ?re-tests? will be complimentary – in some cases, there will be a reduced processing charge to cover our material costs.

Gulf Stream Growth works with individuals AND companies to help them achieve their potential.

Gulf Stream Growth is a service-based coaching and development business – any service fees paid by companies and/or individuals are for time, materials and content.

Gulf Stream Growth and Gulf Stream Search do not engage in charging individuals(job seekers) for job placement services; neither company makes reference to this and is not in the business of placing individuals ?for any fee.?

Any and all executive search, staffing or talent acquisition service fees are company-paid.

Gulf Stream Search is an executive search firm that may, from time to time, utilize Gulf Stream Growth?s coaching, development and pre-hire diagnostic tools to complete searches for clients.

Gulf Stream Search and Gulf Stream Growth protect the confidentiality of every individual and company it works with.

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