Make better, more informed hiring decisions when it comes to critical Food Safety roles in your company.

Use our hiring tools to assess the candidates you already have.

The Food Safety & Quality function in your company can have a dramatic impact on your business.

Get the Food Safety function RIGHT in your company, and you can turn it into a competitive advantage.

Get it WRONG and you’ll continually run the risk of issues with the FDA, USDA or a major customer.

That’s why it’s critical you invest in making the best, most informed hiring decision when it comes to hiring Food Safety talent.

Gulf Stream Growth helps companies identify, assess & capture top Food Safety talent who have the capacity & willingness to lead, support & accelerate best food safety practices in their company and with customers.

PXT Select is an online hiring assessment that helps you make the best, most informed hiring decision for new job openings at your company.

The PXT Select pre-employment hiring assessment is a multiple-choice, online assessment that measures the candidate?s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and interests.

Gulf Stream Growth takes hiring to another level with companies that have Food Safety & Quality openings.

We?ve developed highly targeted Performance Profiles that specifically assess the thinking style and behavioral traits necessary for a Food Safety & Quality employee, manager or leader to protect their company from Food Safety risks.

Gulf Stream Growth adds another layer of customization for Food Safety & Quality roles by providing additional, role specific interview questions and insights that specifically address issues and experiences faced by Food Safety and Quality employees.

Standard psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure an individual’s cognitive ability and behavioral traits.

The PXT Select™ Comprehensive Selection Report also measures a candidate?s motivational interests.

Additionally, Gulf Stream Growth has pinpointed the ideal combination of thinking style, behavioral traits and personal interests that set the stage for a successful Food Safety & Quality hire.

Most pre-hire assessment tests are generic and not specific to the role you’re hiring for – that’s where Gulf Stream Growth’s expertise in Food Safety and PXT Select’s customizable tools are so impactful.

Companies use PXT Select assessments for Food Safety & Quality roles to drastically reduce the consequences of a poor hire.

This is especially important in Food Safety, when dangerous or harmful products delivered to consumers can mean serious illness or death.

Companies use PXT Select and Gulf Stream Growth to assess Food Safety & Quality applicants because of customization and accuracy of the assessment results.

Companies that don’t hire a large number of Food Safety or Quality employees each year don’t have to guess or “roll the dice” on what makes for a good hire.

They can depend on Gulf Stream Growth and PXT Select to help them make a better, more informed hiring decision.

Gulf Stream Growth works with the hiring team(typically the Food Safety leader, a member of the executive team and/or HR or Recruiting partner) and gathers the job description, job postings and any other applicable details.

In collaboration with the hiring team, Gulf Stream Growth furnishes the company with a fully-customized Performance Profile for review and from which all candidates for the opening are assessed.

Each candidate is then given personalized instructions to complete the PXT Select assessment.

Gulf Stream Growth sends candidates an email invitation with a link that takes them to the assessment.

Once there, the candidate receives a specific set of instructions and completes the assessment.

Candidates take between 20-40 minutes to complete the assessment.

Gulf Stream Growth receives the results of the assessment once the applicant has completed the assessment.

Gulf Stream Growth reviews the results, adds an additional layer of insight to the results and forwards the results package to the hiring team for review.

Follow up and additional clarification is both available and encouraged by Gulf Stream Growth.

We’re here to help you apply the results and help you develop targeted interview questions for each person you choose to interview.

A Performance Model is a snapshot of the preferred traits for a given job.

It shows the position’s ranges for each of the Thinking Style (cognitive abilities) and Behavioral Traits scales, as well as the preferred personal interests that align with the nature of the role.

This is where working with Gulf Stream Growth becomes all the more valuable.

Bob Pudlock, the President of Gulf Stream Growth has spent the last 8 years working with Food Safety professionals and, through scientific and anecdotal evidence, has developed Performance Profiles specific to Food Safety & Quality roles.

The greater the degree of alignment between the individual’s top three interests and the top three interests in the Performance Model, the higher the candidate’s percent fit for the interests.

The Job Fit score, when aligned against the Performance Profile, shows you how the candidate’s behavioral traits, thinking style and interests will likely manifest once in the role.

The more accurately and realistically you portray the requirements of the role and company in the Performance Profile, the more likely the hiring team will be able to predict future performance, success in role and long-term engagement.


The PXT Select™ Comprehensive Selection Report does provide a Job Fit Score, which is a percentage-based assessment of how well a candidate’s behavioral style, thinking style and interests align against the Performance Profile.

However, employers should never make hiring decisions solely on PXT Select assessment results, nor any pre-hire assessment results for that matter.

No personality test or assessment tool can capture the totality of a person.

As with other tools, PXT Select assessment results should account for no more than a third of a company’s hiring decision.

Other factors, such as a candidate’s work experience, job history, interview(s) and references should also be taken into account when making a selection.

Each PXT Select™ hiring assessment tool costs $295.00 – $295.00 per candidate you choose to complete the assessment.

We recommend that ALL candidates being considered for an interview be assessed, especially before an interview where multiple members of interview team are participating.

We do recommend a short phone phone screen with any applicant under consideration BEFORE inviting them to complete the assessment.

We can help you optimize your process to a) abide by hiring statutes b) save time c) save money d) make the best, most informed hire.

Gulf Stream Growth’s President, Bob Pudlock, is also the head of the Food Safety Practice of Gulf Stream Search, an executive search firm that specializes in the placement of top talent in the food and beverage industry.

Bob has seen first-hand the results of effective hiring as well as the downside of companies that don’t take Food Safety and Quality hiring seriously.

Bob recognized that many companies WANT to hire the best Food Safety talent for their teams, but may not be in a position to utilize his staffing and executive search expertise.

That’s why we’ve developed programs at Gulf Stream Growth that companies can implement to accurately assess AND make better, more informed hiring decisions when it comes to Food Safety & Quality talent.

Here’s more information about the Food Safety practice at Gulf Stream Search.

PXT Select hiring assessments Assessment Comprehensive Selection Report Sales: Comprehensive Report Multiple Candidates Report Multiple Positions Report Coaching Report Sales Coaching Report Manager-Employee Report Leadership Report Team Report Multiple Positions Report Individual's Feedback Report Sales: Individual's Feedback Report Individual's Graph Report PXT Select Assessment

PXT Select™ Hiring & Selection Reports

The PXT Select™ Comprehensive Selection Report is the primary report used for candidate selection.

The Comprehensive Selection Report is used by companies during the hiring and selection process.

This report provides the most thorough view of the candidate data and is organized into three main parts.

Check out the video here – PXT Select™ Comprehensive Selection Report.

Check out a sample report HERE.

The Multiple Candidates Report allows you to compare multiple candidates for one position that you’re hiring for.

The report compares each candidate’s results in graph form and plots them against the Performance Model for the position you’re looking to fill.

The Multiple Candidates Report is a helpful tool to be used during Hiring & Selection – the report consolidates each candidate’s results into one document and shows the Job Fit % for each.

What’s in the Multiple Candidates Report?

Candidate Fit

Each candidate’s results from the assessment are compared against the Performance Model for the role.


Candidate results for each scale(Thinking Style, Interests, Behavioral Traits) are placed together for easy comparison.

Performance Model

The Performance Model is included to compare each candidate’s results in a simple, easy to understand view.

Check out a sample report here – MULTIPLE CANDIDATES REPORT

The Performance Model is the benchmark report from which candidates are assessed against.

The report illustrates the desired ranges for Thinking Style and Behavioral Traits and the top 3 interests for a single position.

The report also provides insight into the meaning of each scale and loosely describes the ideal candidate for the role.

Performance Model

Range of scores typical for success in the position


Each of the styles and traits will be defined

Ideal Candidate

A statement describing the ideal candidate for this position will appear for each style and trait.


The Leadership Report is designed to illuminate a candidate’s leadership potential and provide insight into how this individual would navigate their role as a leader.

The report helps hiring managers understand HOW a candidate may lead, and how the candidate’s cognitive and behavioral traits and interests affect their potential as a leader.

This report can be used across the entire spectrum of an individual’s career – from Hiring and Selection to Coaching to Development.

The Leadership Report includes the candidate’s results and are linked to 6 leadership skills commonly required of organizational leaders.

The report includes a candidate’s potential leadership strengths and weaknesses, as well as customized interview questions that can be used to interview the candidate and further analyze their leadership potential.

Results Summary

Results are presented for the individual’s Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits and Interests.

Leadership Skills

6 essential leadership capabilities are illustrated, along with the scales, traits and interests that drive each one.

Skill Pages

The individual’s characteristics, strengths and challenges are interpreted as they relate to each leadership skill.

Check out a sample report here – LEADERSHIP REPORT

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