Leadership Development Program

Managers spend so much time focused on getting the most out of their team members and communicating upward and outward to stakeholders – it leaves little time for self-reflection and personal development.

That’s one big reason why many careers stall out at the Manager & Sr. Manager level – there is only a finite amount of time for professional development at the Manager level.

If you try to be someone you’re not, your current team sees through you and ignores you.

If you delegate away the wrong projects, you risk diluting your own value to senior management.

You HAVE to strike the right balance and apply the right tools as you develop into a Director.

That’s where having a trusted guide is so critical.

We have a range of tools and coaching programs for aspiring and developed leaders – we pair our one-on-one coaching with diagnostic tools to illuminate opportunities and the leadership traits you have inside of you already.

Beyond just a diagnosis, we give you solutions to help you become a more effective leader.

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The Process

Gulf Stream Growth’s Leadership Development program works with Supervisors and Managers like yourself to develop a playbook that complements your unique talent and strong dedication to advancing your career.

We start with scoping out where you are currently – we identify in real-time what issues are keeping you from achieving your professional aspirations.

From there, we take a magnifying glass to your whole self, illuminating your different styles and interests.

You’ll discover how naturally inclined you are as a leader.

Once the diagnosis is complete, we develop a plan to help you tweak each area of your leadership toolbox – taking what’s already inside of you and reinforcing it with practical, real-life application opportunities.

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Your Experience

Our Leadership Development program is for Supervisors, Managers and aspiring leaders who are looking to expand as a Manager and Leader and achieve their potential as a business leader.

As we do in each of our coaching programs, we start with illuminating your current leadership skill sets.

We identify in real-time how your current toolbox is impacting your relationships with your direct reports , your manager and peers, as well as your cross-functional partners.

We chart a path forward.

We solve present-day challenges with an eye towards your bigger goals, establishing a foundation and simple leadership mindset you use daily to scale your successes.

You're already perfect - we help you apply it perfectly.

You were born with talent and skills that most of us don’t know how to handle.

Some people try to corral you into conforming to their ideals.

Your performance reviews remind you what your first grade teacher told your parents – “does not play well with other children.”

Others dismiss you as a renegade or “lone wolf”.

Others are quick to fault your style or the way you communicate.

I take a different approach – it starts with letting you know you’re perfect.  Then we get to work.

FAQ - Be Iconic™ Individual Coaching Program

The Leadership Development program is one-on-one coaching for Supervisors, Managers and aspiring Directors looking to enhance their impact on their company.

Every participant works with us to address a near-term challenge they may be having.

We use our selection of diagnostic tools to illuminate your current performance and mindset – from there we work together to implement a simple playbook to solve the core challenge.

Often times, we make short-work of your initial challenge – from there, we start to address your bigger aspirations.

These may include coaching for the rest of your leadership team, more specific coaching and training for your specialized teams, and talent acquisition for hiring strategic from outside your company.

It all starts with you.

Newly minted Managers who are transitioning into a role where they are managing and/or supervising the performance of others.

Managers who’ve reached a ceiling in their company – they may be “stuck” at the manager level and may have been passed over for Director-level roles, either internally or with other companies.

Current Managers who are having a particular management or leadership challenge – it could be a direct report, their style, or they are having a hard time holding others accountable and performing in their role themselves.

The Leadership Development Coaching program is on-going and evolves with the participants aspirations.

The initial diagnosis, assessment, strategy planning and execution phase to address initial challenges may last no more than 3 months.

At the same time, other members of the team may be looped into separate coaching and development programs.

As one initiative gains traction, our client may move on to another area they want to transform, which requires another set of strategy sessions.

We are available as long as you find we are having impact on your team and leading you towards what you envision personally and professionally for yourself.

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