The Be Iconic™ Program

Have you found yourself at a point in your career where the “genius” inside of you can’t take you any further?

Or worse yet, someone close to you has said – “as much as I enjoy working with you, if your behavior doesn’t change, we’re going to have to let you go.”

Gulf Stream Growth’s Individual Coaching works with “perfect human beings” like yourself to develop a playbook that complements your unique, other-worldly talents.

3D illustration of black pawns and focus on a golden one. Concept of uniqueness and talent.

The Be Iconic™ Experience

Our individual coaching programs follow a step by step process, starting with identifying in real-time what issues are keeping you from achieving your professional dreams.

From there, we take a magnifying glass to your whole self, illuminating your different styles and interests.

Once YOU’VE acknowledged your whole self – your unique gifts along with the people, places and things that currently cause you friction, THEN we can work on a real-world play book that you can immediately put into action.

That’s when the fun starts – when you hit your first goal, we celebrate.

Then we hatch a plan to climb to the next summit!

Our Be Iconic™ Process

You're already perfect - we help you apply it perfectly.

You were born with talent and skills that most of us don’t know how to handle.

Some people try to corral you into conforming to their ideals.

Your performance reviews remind you what your first grade teacher told your parents – “does not play well with other children.”

Others dismiss you as a renegade or “lone wolf”.

Others are quick to fault your style or the way you communicate.

I take a different approach – it starts with letting you know you’re perfect.  Then we get to work.

FAQ - Be Iconic™ Individual Coaching Program

THAT is an excellent question.  There are so many aspects to this to address but we’ll keep it as simple as possible.

The Be Iconic™ program can supplement a GREAT relationship you have with your current Manager.
The Be Iconic™ program helps you get clarity on your work style, work behavior and interests that offer you the most satisfaction.
  • We help you communicate better with your Manager, even if it’s strong already.
  • You’ll become better at getting help from your Manager – you’ll be more specific and more clear about what YOU need from your Manager.
  • You’ll identify what a stretch goal means to you and be able to articulate it clearly to your Manager so they can enable that to happen.
  • Working with us will help you become a better collaborator with your Manager – you’ll learn how to address any gaps there are in the “chemistry” between the two of you.
The Be Iconic™ program can drastically improve an AVERAGE or non-existent relationship with your Manager.
Similar to “you can’t choose your family”, sometimes you can’t choose your manager.
A non-supportive Manager or one that doesn’t participate in your career development is one of the top reasons for career angst.
  • If you don’t have a great manager, it’s likely you don’t have a career development plan in place with a scheduled cadence.  You probably don’t have a clear picture of what your next career step is.  You probably aren’t getting regular feedback on your performance.  Our Be Iconic™ program CAN’T replace that relationship 100%, but we do provide ongoing check-ins.  We do give you a sense of where your performance stacks against your peers outside of your company.  We do give you the opportunity to gain control over your career destiny, even when you don’t have a “perfect” Manager.
  • We can help you “lead from behind” – in our Be Iconic™ program, we can help you devise a way to get more out of your relationship with your Manager, even if they aren’t initiating or running the lead on it.  We help you do this in a way that gets YOUR needs met, helps the Manager recognize the importance of it AND help both of you become better.

The basic components of our Be Iconic™ program include the following:

1.Initial consultation call(typically 45-60 minutes) where you brainstorm out any and all of the following:
  • Shortfalls in your current situation – “I need to fix something now.”  It could be a person, it could be company, or it could be a project you’re working on.
  • Long-view aspirations – “I have a goal and I need to develop a plan to get there.”
  • General “stuck-ness” – not sure how to get out of current rut, definitely not confident I can get where I want if I stay like this mode.
2. You complete any one of 10-12 diagnostic tools we have – they typically take 20-30 minutes to complete.  Based on what our goal is(defined by you), we choose a diagnostic tool that will give you the most immediate and efficient feedback.
3. A 60-75 minute debrief of your diagnostic assessment.
4. Ongoing coaching and feedback on an as-needed, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
5. Re-evaluation on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis.
6. Access to our Be Iconic™ program library of content – exclusive to our Be Iconic™ members.
7. Personalized reminders and reinforcement.

The specific arrangement and cadence of the program is dependent on what you’re trying to accomplish, your budget and our recommendation.

One of the primary credos of Gulf Stream Growth is this:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

We do not guarantee getting you a new job.
Our Be Iconic™ program makes no guarantee that “we’ll help you find a new job.”

We do the following:

  • We strive to make you a better performer in whatever role you choose.
  • We help you stand out in an increasingly competitive environment – in our Be Iconic™ program, you’ll have the opportunity to stand out, be recognized as a problem-solver and one who can chart your own course, whether it’s within your current company, an entrepreneurial pursuit or something else.
  • We help you understand yourself better – we help you reach your potential.

In our Be Iconic™ program, we don’t work with you to get you a new job –  we work with you on reaching your potential.

An indirect benefit of reaching your potential may be getting a promotion at your current company.
It might be another company calls you with your dream job.
But it’s an outcome – we’re focused on the process.

We don’t take credit, financial or otherwise, for your success.

We don’t take responsibility for someone falling short either, unless WE screwed up.

This is one of our first principles of the Be Iconic™ program – we’ll give you the foundation to get the most out of yourself, but ultimately you determine the mountain(s) you want to conquer.  We’ll be with you along the way, giving insight, but you’ll ultimately own the accomplishment.

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